Rocky Springs Chapel and School House


Rocky Springs Chapel

Rocky Springs Chapel-c.1920

Rocky Springs School House Reunion circa 1962

Rocky Springs School House Reunion-c.1962



Historic Rocky Springs Chapel, Inc. (HRSC) is committed to the preservation and interpretation of Rocky Springs School House (built circa 1839) and Rocky Springs Chapel (built circa 1882). By preserving, restoring, exhibiting and interpreting these unique historic structures and related objects for the public, and telling the stories of the people and events associated with them, HRSC will educate visitors on the pivotal role they and the early settlers and residents of Rocky Springs have played in the history of Frederick County, Maryland.While HRSC is now the custodian of Rocky Springs School House and Rocky Springs Chapel and many historical objects associated with them, its Trustees believe they belong to the Rocky Springs Community. There is still much work to be done to return the buildings to a condition worthy of their status as historic treasures and provide for the School House’s use as a center for historical interpretation and research and for the Chapel’s return to active service as a public house of worship. With your help, HRSC will accomplish these goals.

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