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Historic Rocky Springs Chapel, Inc. (HRSC) is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit charitable organization under section 501 ( c ) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and all work is performed by dedicated volunteers. HRSC is funded solely through voluntary donations which are absolutely essential to its ability to fulfill its mission of preserving and restoring Historic Rocky Springs Chapel and School House and providing for the School House’s use as a center for historical interpretation and research and for the Chapel’s return to active service as a public house of worship.

HRSC plans to completely rehabilitate and restore Rocky Springs School House (built c. 1839 and listed in the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties) to its appearance during its first period of existence (1839-1865) and provide for the building’s adaptive reuse as a public center for historical interpretation and research regarding the history of the building and the objects, people and events associated with it. Project activities will be performed in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and will include rebuilding the school house’s roof, reconstruction of its bell tower and re-installation of the original school bell within it; repairing the school’s exterior and interior stone masonry; restoring the interior plaster work and rebuilding its wooden floor.

Fitzgerald’s Heavy Timber Construction of Thurmont, Maryland, has developed two detailed estimates for the specialized work needed to restore Rocky Springs School House. Emergency stabilization of the structure will cost approximately $20,000 and complete restoration will cost about $200,000. Before the Maryland Heritage Area Authority (a State of Maryland granting agency) will approve grant funds for the project, HRSC must show it has matching funds in-hand, which amount to 50 percent of total project costs. Rocky Springs School House and Rocky Springs Chapel are historical treasures that deserve to be saved for current and future generations. To help HRSC accomplish its goals and fulfill its mission, please consider making a monetary contribution to HRSC today!

Checks and money orders should be made out to “Historic Rocky Springs Chapel, Inc.” and mailed to the address below:

Historic Rocky Springs Chapel, Inc.
7817 Rocky Springs Road
Frederick, MD 21702

All monetary contributions received by HRSC are acknowledged in writing according to IRS regulations. Please make sure you provide us with your name and address so we can mail your donation acknowledgment letter to you and you can claim the charitable contribution on your federal income tax return as allowed by law.


HRSC has no paid staff and all work of the organization is performed by dedicated volunteers. Therefore, volunteer opportunities abound at HRSC! We have all types of assignments for all different backgrounds and interests. Here are some current volunteer opportunities at HRSC:

  • Painters: Both the exterior and interior of the Chapel need to be painted to include the pews!
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Assist in developing and managing a viable and active volunteer program for HRSC.
  • Newsletter Editor (to include design, layout, and distribution): Assist HRSC in developing and distributing a dynamic and informative quarterly newsletter for those interested in the projects and programs of HRSC.
  • Archivist: Sorting, cataloging and filing historical newspaper articles and other historical documents to assist in the establishment of the HRSC research library and archives.
  • Collections Manager: Inventorying, photographing and cataloging artifacts and maintaining associated records for the HRSC Collections Management Program.
  • Teachers are needed to assist in developing educational programs and resources for HRSC that support the goals of the Maryland State Common Core Curriculum.
  • Research Assistant: Research historical information to be used in the development of exhibits, interpretative panels/signage and educational programming.
  • Worship Service Coordinator: Assist in planning and setting up worship services for HRSC.
  • Clergy, ministers and itinerant preachers are needed to lead/conduct worship services for HRSC.

To inquire about becoming a volunteer, please call HRSC trustees JaNeen Smith or Debby Moone at (240) 439-4235 or email debbymoone@gmail.com.


If you have an artifact (to include historic photographs and documents) that pertains to Historic Rocky Springs Chapel or Rocky Springs School House (or the people and events associated with them), that you would like to donate to the HRSC collection, please contact us. Our goal is to have Rocky Springs School House serve as the showcase and repository for these historical treasures. Because of space and care requirements, we must consider every donation offer very carefully. HRSC will care for your historical object in perpetuity, so we need to be sure HRSC is the best home for it. To assist us in making this determination, you will be asked to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. What object (artifact), archival or library materials) are you offering to donate to HRSC?
  2. Do you own the object and do you have the right to donate it to HRSC?
  3. When and how did you acquire the object?
  4. What is the history of the object and how does it relate to Historic Rocky Springs School House or Chapel? (i.e. Who originally owned it, what was it used for, and how old is it?)
  5. Is the object damaged? (if so, how?)

Due to the deliberate nature of the consideration process, it may take several weeks for HRSC to make a final decision on whether or not to accept the object into the HRSC collection. Should we determine that HRSC is not an appropriate repository for your object, we will do our best to help you find the right museum or institution to ensure the long-term care and appreciation of your object. We will contact you as soon as we have made our decision.
To inquire about donating an artifact to HRSC, please call trustees JaNeen Smith or Debby Moone at (240) 439-4235 or email debbymoone@gmail.com.